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Jesus: According to Sikhism

Mona Scrivens is the daughter of immigrant Sikh parents and a first-generation Christian. This book is part of a series called “Know Thy Neighbour”, an attempt to help Christians understand people of other religions, what they believe, and how they understand Christianity. As an ordained minster in the Presbyterian Church in Canada, Mona brings an insightful and personal perspective on what Sikhs believe and how they
understand Jesus.

“This project comes at a time when the Church needs some practical knowledge, encouragement and insight to help them understand and engage better with people from other religions”

Christian Week

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Leaps of faith

If you are passionate about participating in the recovery of preaching for the spiritual formation of God's people, then you will want to jump into this lively collection of biblically rigorous, culturally intuitive, grace-drenched sermons. Robert Dean sets the bar very high, even as he throws the gauntlet down, with these remarkable expressions of all that preaching was supposed to be and can still become.

Animated by the conviction that the preached word is the playground of the Living Word, the pages of Leaps of Faith are populated by saints and sinners, pimps and prophets. Unexpectedly and delightfully, Bono works alongside Bonhoeffer, Dr. Phil learns a lesson from the Amish, and a discussion of body odor primes the senses for contemplating the mission of God.

Rooted deeply in the lives of actual worshipping communities, these wonder-laden sermons from the prophetic imagination of an emerging pastor-theologian dare the reader to leap into the continuing story of the Triune God and, in doing so, discover that all of life has been taken up in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.